Who Are We

SKXMOD was merely founded in 2020, named from our founder's most favorite watch series.

Carrying out our motto, "Build your dream watch", in its most honest and genuine way.

A new contestant in the arena, yet our history existed way longer than its first presence.

Delivering premium quality in amazing varieties for customization needs.


Located in Guangdong province, the hub of watch manufacturing. The most competitive place where the magic happens.

And when it comes to customizations, a lot can be factored in. Colorway, finishing, style, material and more to be listed.

Your imagination is the only limit. But that also reflects in high standards and small batches.

In layman's term, expensive price and immense warehousing pressure.

No factory or businessman would love this "quadruple threat".

However, we can proudly say, we produce and sell these products ourselves!

Attention to details, strict quality control, affordable price. They are our most effective weapon.

Against false advertising and inferior quality. And dirty marketing tactic price war.

What You Get

From the bleeding edge of technologies like Apple Watches.

To everyday carry essential piece of durable beater Casio watches.

And the most traditional mechanical wonders.

To common masses and professionals.

We, SKXMOD, cover it all.

Working Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10am – 6pm


Calls and texts:

+1 (423) 482-1842


If you have any questions

Contact us with the following Email:

General questions: [email protected]

After-sales issues: [email protected]

Due to the volume of emails we receive daily and being in different timezone.

We can't get to all messages as soon as possible within our working hours.

Please understand, many thanks.